Our Team


Dave Snell

David Snell has dedicated his personal life to promoting education, increasing cultural awareness and promoting diversity. Most notably he is the founder of the Idaho Falls African American Alliance (IFAAA), bringing together like-minded members under the common banner of breaking barriers and assisting those in need. Under David’s leadership, IFAAA holds an annual Dr. Martin Luther King fundraising banquet.


Jack Yejekwe

Jack serves as the Executive Director for the Idaho Falls African American Alliance. He brings a diverse set of life experiences and professional expertise, coupled with a passion for helping others. Jack is the General Manager of the Grand Teton Mall in Idaho Falls and holds a Bachelor's Degree in Biology from the University of Texas-Austin. He is a brother of Sigma Kappa Phi, Multicultural Fraternity, Inc.

Robert Brooks

Robert serves as the treasurer for IFAAA. He holds a degree in Physics from Purdue Univeristy. Reaching out to the youth of our area and enhancing their education experiences is a very strong component of what Robert brings to the IFAAA presence in the community. He personally serves as a tutor to several of our area youth, and is very passionate about enhancing their education experience.

Jolyn Thomas

Jolyn Thomas is an experienced Radio Talk Show Host with a demonstrated history of working in the broadcast media industry. Skilled in News Writing, Editing, Public Speaking, Journalism, and Media Relations. Jolyn holds a Bachelor of Science in Journalism from Utah State University. Her experience as a talk show host means she is often the voice at the MLK Banquets. She also has her own talk show called "The Jolyn Thomas Show".

Keith Morse

Keith was born in the late 1930’s, the third of four in the family of loving parents with two boys and two girls. He had many chores and responsibilities to perform each morning and night. In addition to these, he chose to deliver the Grit Weekly Newspaper and also sold Harry Doliah All Occasion cards. Further, he picked strawberries and raspberries and then sold them door-to-door in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah the evenings of the days he picked them.