Keith Morse

Keith was born in the late 1930’s, the third of four in the family of loving parents with two boys and two girls. He had many chores and responsibilities to perform each morning and night. In addition to these, he chose to deliver the Grit Weekly Newspaper and also sold Harry Doliah All Occasion cards. Further, he picked strawberries and raspberries and then sold them door-to-door in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah the evenings of the days he picked them. At 14 years of age, he sought an occupation. He enrolled in a course with LaSalle University, Chicago, to learn the Stenotype to become a court reporter. At 16 years of age, he was appointed a court reporter for the Federal Bankruptcy Court in Salt Lake City Utah. His experience allowed him to enter law enforcement with the Salt Lake City Police Department.

There he learned the fundamentals of computing and programming and then programmedand operated a 401 Statistical Accounting Machine. He moved from this position and became a computer programmer with Kennecott Copper Corporation. During evening hours he an a friend opened MI Associates, a corporation providing accounting and stock transferring services. When his partner embezzled reserves, Keith resigned from MI Associates and sought employment with Washington State. Keith was hired as a computing programmer/systems analyst with the Washington State Department of Employment Security. He helped implement technical solutions in my of the State agencies. He designed the first computerized job match system which eventually was implement by the Department of Labor nationwide.

Keith’s talents were sought by The Boeing Company and he eventually left his position of Director to join Boeing. He was with the State of Washington for eighteen years. Keith’s first assignment with Boeing was to create an automation plan for the design and manufacture of a new aircraft that would be called the 7J7. This was to have been a joint venture with Boeing and Heavy Industries in Japan. The Boeing CEO made a “handshake agreement” from which the Japanese backed out. Next, Keith was hired into the 777 Program where he was successful in creating the automation plan for the design and manufacture of the 777. Following that, he did the same for the Next Generation 737. His last assignment with the Boeing Company gave his responsibility for all printing, plotting and exterior markings on aircraft. From this position, Keith retired in 2003.

Throughout his 59 year carrier, Keith has managed nearly 10,000 employees. He was passionate about safety and as a result not one of his employees lost a days pay due to a on-the-job injury. During off hours, Keith volunteers his service to the community and Church. He has run for political office, etc. He was the director of SCORE, Eastern Idaho for several years. Keith loves people and views all men as his brothers and all women as his sisters. He reasons that we are all sons and daughters of the same God. During the past 10 years, Keith has provided his services to the African American Alliance, Idaho where he has found much success and happiness. He currently serves as their Executive Secretary.