Dave Snell

David Snell has dedicated his personal life to promoting education, increasing cultural awareness and promoting diversity. Most notably he is the founder of the Idaho Falls African American Alliance (IFAAA), bringing together like-minded members under the common banner of breaking barriers and assisting those in need. Under David’s leadership, IFAAA holds an annual Dr. Martin Luther King fundraising banquet, which hosts an average of 375 people per year to raise money for education. Although in existence since 2006, IFAAA has been able to provide over $17,000 in scholarships and in excess of $13,000 to local charities. In addition to IFAAA, David has been involved in many other acts of kindness in the community, including replacing the roof on his church, establishing a men’s choir group, and organizing a sizable fundraising barbeque for the Idaho Falls Montessori School. David has worked at INL for 33 years as a highly skilled nuclear facility operator.